As pioneers of Intelligent Farming, IAG owns and operates cutting edge solutions to the traditional challenges faced today by the global farming industry.

Innovation Agri -tech group is a pioneering farming technology company.

    We specialise in indoor vertical aeroponics, enabling us to grow crops
365 days a year without  the need of sunlight and soil and only minimal water.

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About us

Innovation Agri-tech Group is a pioneering farming technology company.

We are committed to revolutionising farming for the 21st century, and already offer a range of patented technologies and expert services to help agriculture companies expand their vertical farming systems or build new vertical farms from scratch.

We offer full-service solutions including the design, installation and ongoing management of vertical farms.

As the operator of our own state-of-the-art vertical farm with up to 10,000 square feet of capacity, one of the largest indoor farms in the United Kingdom, we are uniquely placed to showcase our patented systems – demonstrating the immense potential that these technologies offer.

We Grow Wholesome Food

A wide variety of delicious and commercially popular edible crops can be grown using indoor farming. The technology is particularly well-suited to soft fruits, leafy greens and herbs. It can also be utilised to grow beautiful varieties of fresh flowers.

IAG’s cutting-edge aeroponic vertical farming technology dramatically reduces the lead times on crops, as well as vastly increasing the yield per equivalent area. Taking lettuce as an example: one square metre of agricultural field will yield an average of 3.9kg of lettuce per year, whereas the same small area of indoor farm can yield up to 41kg of lettuce in the same period of time. Using conventional agricultural practices, it takes between 70 and 90 days after lettuce is sown before it can be harvested. With indoor farming, it can be grown from seed to harvest in just three weeks.

Key Advantages & Benefits

95% water savings

Thanks to a closed circuit in which water has nowhere to seep off, we can save up to 95% of water.

70% energy savings

Vertical farms have minimum maintenance requirements, and we can save up to 70% of energy.

2 hectares yield per 1000 m²

Vertical farms can produce much more yield than traditional farms.

GMO free

All our production is free of GMO and artificial fertilizers.

Design & Build

IAG offers complete indoor growing systems capable of producing commercial crop yield equivalent to several thousand square feet of land. All our growing systems use our patented technologies. We offer comprehensive customer support packages so we’re with you every step of the way, from placing your order to your first harvest.

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