Phil Brewer

IAG Advisor

Phil Brewer is Vice President of Sales for Co-Alliance LLP, whose primary role is to provide training, development, and solutions to meet the changing needs of customer-owners, through a proactively engaged professional sales team.

Phil Studied Biology and Environmental Sciences at Taylor University in the United States of America. He also serves as a member of the Midwest Hemp Council.

Phil has spent 24 years working with Co-Alliance in sales and management, with a passion for developing whole-farm solutions that utilise the latest technologies and solutions. During this time, he has worked directly with growers and his team of professionals, leading and training both the agronomic skills and the ability to develop person-to-person relationships to address employees’ and customers’ individual farm needs.

Phil has engaged Co-Alliance in developing diversified farming opportunities for farmer-owners. In this capacity, he has developed and honed skills in growing, operating and developing Indoor Aeroponic Farm Systems.

Phil serves as the CEO of Local Harvest Food, LLC. and is leading his team to gain market access for locally grown products. Using his market knowledge in the areas of food service, large grocer retail, and direct restaurant sales, Phil has engaged in new market opportunities for entrepreneurs and startup businesses.