IAG holds discernible competitive advantage through its ownership of three, U.S. patents relating to Vertical Aeroponic Plant-growing Enclosures with Support Structures.

1. Patent number 9,241,453 – Aeroponic Commercial Plant Cultivation System Utilizing a Grow Enclosure 

The present invention relates generally to a plant cultivation system that can be used in aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. More specifically, the present invention is a complete operational system in a controlled plant growing environment in an enclosed space.

2. Patent number 9,374,953 – Vertical Aeroponic Plant Growing Enclosure with a Support Structure

The present invention is a grow panel enclosure to maximize plant density for a given growing area. The present invention allows for generally higher sustainable and realistic plant growing densities in a vertical or horizontal configuration and does so in an easily operated manner.

3. Patent number 9,788,495 – Vertical Aeroponic Plant Growing Enclosure

This patent is a continuation of the patent 9374953 “Vertical Aeroponic Plant Growing Enclosure with a Support Structure”.

IAG’s in-depth knowledge of end-to-end Agri-Tech processes means that its patented technology is not just solution focussed but offers a multifaceted approach to modern-day farming. The IAG team is currently working on future designs for Agri Technologies for new-age farming. Once the designs are built and tested, more patents will be registered, potentially adding further long-term value to the organisation.