Lovey Mandair

Operational Director

Lovey brings to Agri-Tech more than a decade of sales experience reinforced with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Multimedia Design. Lovey’s comprehensive knowledge, combined with her strength in lateral thinking, sees her effectively building high-value relationships across the agricultural industry that include research centres and universities.

A strategic partner who plays a critical role that sits between the Agri-Tech Group and its customers, Lovey regularly coordinates and negotiates next-steps for the organisation, ensuring that the group’s products and services are placed in front of targeted audiences and that their offerings are supported by strategic messaging that increases brand awareness.

Lovey takes pride in ensuring the reputation of the Agri-Tech Group, maximising growth potential through consumer retention and increases in market share. Responsible for widening the market, the development of our products – whether grown or manufactured – are effectively communicated through both advertising and networking.

A skilled professional who makes it her duty to comprehend both a consumer’s wants and needs, Lovey understands product demand and the importance of time-critical delivery frameworks, expertly managing consumer expectations while maintaining a firm grasp on competitor orientation.

When building business relationships and when marketing products to potential buyers, Lovey actively considers the increasing of government-based pressures on our food industry and the continued degradation of our environment. This awareness enables tactical marketing through the knowledge that production is encouraged through an increase in requirement, and that marketing further fuels that demand.