About Us

Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG) is a British agricultural technology company providing cutting-edge solutions to the traditional challenges of farming.

IAG owns and operates one of the largest indoor vertical farms in the UK, as well as offering a variety of patented products and expert services to help other companies profit from a more scientific approach to farming, providing optimal conditions for healthy crops to grow and flourish.

We offer bespoke, full-service solutions for those who are keen to invest in the indoor farming space but don’t have the time for management or maintenance. Our end-to-end service allows you to sit back and reap the benefits of this thriving industry, while we take care of the rest.

Researching, developing and investing in state-of-the-art technologies, IAG is committed to revolutionising farming for the 21st century. As the global population soars and climate change gathers pace, the task of feeding the world is becoming more difficult – and more crucial – than ever. We share the fruits of our knowledge in order to help ensure that nutritious food can be grown and distributed wherever it’s needed, without harming the environment.

IAG owns and operates one of the largest vertical farms in the UK